Upgrade and Mantainance Tool

HyperFlex Cluster can be managed by using daemon agent on ESXi hosts directly, users may ssh into agents and issue stcli commands:

  1. stcli cluster start or stcli cluster stop can bring down/up entire ceph cluster.

  2. stcli node maintenanceMode --ip <hostIP> --mode enter and put a host into HX MM.

  3. Upgrade HX agents only:

    stcli cluster upgrade --components hxdp \
    --location /tmp/storfs-packages-1.8.1c-19694.tgz \
    --vcenter-user [email protected]

    Upgrade can be extremely heavy load for hosts, it puts hosts in maintenance mode one by one, and it may cause issue because DRS will try to move vm back onto the host in upgrading process, and the migration takes too long sometime may cause stcli cluster upgrade process timeout.

  4. HyperFlex uses hxuser to control and manage cluster, sometimes it may be out of sync with ESX and causes hxuser locked out. The password entered may cause error due to special marks } used. A simple fix is to copy related key in /etc/shadow from a working ESX.