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Algolia is an integritable search engine, which can be used as elasticsearch or integrated with Hugo alike statc site engine. How it works Algolia works by reading your data in json format. It stores your json data in a way same as MongoDB, but has extra analyzing abilities, such as filter your searching result, tucantted snipset, pagination, hide content. To work with Hugo, we first need to make our site availble in json format by having this in your config.

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Today I gonna show you how to install and setup the amazing views slideshow module on Drupal7. This tutorial is now uptodate with latest modules!!! Download all the modules from Drupal site and install in the directory yoursitename/sites/all/modules. Go to and enable these modules as below; (1) Views (2) Views UI (3) Views Slideshow (4) Views Slideshow: Cycle (5) Chaos tools (6) Link (7) Libraries (8) Token (Optional) * Fullsize Slider image settings

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前言:编码过程难免会有错误和疏漏,还请各位高手指正! 第一节:网站链接专用代码 基本代码: 文字链接: <A href=“链接地址”target=_blank></A> 图片链接: <A href=“链接地址”target=_blank><IMG src="图片地址" ></A> <A></A>是插入地址链接的标签对,单击插入在<A></A>标签对内的文字,图片,就可以链接进入指定的网页或链接地址. <IMG src="图片地址“是插入显示链接的图片标签. href= 是<A>标签的属性,用于实现地址的链接.target=_blank为窗口弹出属性定义,不加此属性则为背负式链接.实例: 1.网站链接用代码: 1.背负式网站文字链接代码: <A href=""><B><FONTcolor=#997166>阳光公园</FONT></B></A> 效果: 阳光公园 2.窗口弹出式网站文字链接代码: <A href=“"target=_blank><FONT color=#997166><STRONG>阳光公园</STRONG></FONT></A> 效果: 阳光公园 3.背负式网站图片链接代码: <A href=“"> <IMG style=“WIDTH: 89px; HEIGHT: 72px” height=70 src="” width=28> </A> 效果: 4.窗口弹出式网站图片链接代码: <A href=“” target=_blank> <IMG style=“WIDTH: 89px; HEIGHT: 72px” height=70 src=“” width=28> </A> 效果: 5.文字加图片窗口弹了式链接代码: <A href=“" target=_blank> 点击图片<IMG style=“WIDTH: 89px; HEIGHT: 72px” height=70 src=“" width=28>欣赏更多</A> 效果: 点击图片欣赏更多 2.论坛中进行网站链接专用代码:

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